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Half-way Hall

Half-way Hall is a celebration for students who have reached the halfway point of their Oxford degree.

It usually involves a fancy formal dinner - the candelabras are lit, the dress code is black tie and speeches are often given by the JCR committee with novelty awards bestowed upon students.

Then it's time to head to the college bar to finish the night in style!

My Half-way Hall got me reflecting on how much had changed since I'd started at Oxford. I'd experienced things my ten-year-old self could only have dreamed of:

  • I'd discussed Literature with world experts.

  • Eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner in a hall that resembled Hogwarts.

  • Made a whole new circle of friends.

  • Been awarded an Exhibition (an academic award!).

  • Adopted a new go-to mode of transport - my bike.

  • Attended fairy tale balls.

  • Worked every day in historic, stunning libraries.

It had been the best experience of my life to date and I never wanted it to end!

Top Tip

  • Your time at Oxford will fly by, so don't keep putting things off 'until you have time'!

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