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Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race

This weekend brings one of the biggest dates in the Oxford Uni calendar...The Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race!

The big question is: Which BLUE are you?

(I really hope you’ve said dark blue!)

Date: 24th March

The Women's Boat Race 4.31pm

The Men's Boat Race 5.32pm

The Boat Race course, known as The Championship Course, is 4 miles, 374 yards or 6.8 km long.

It stretches between Putney and Mortlake on the River Thames.

The following locations are spectator hot-spots:

Putney Embankment (Close to the start line)

Hammersmith and Barnes (Mid-course)

Dukes Meadows and Chiswick Bridge (At the finish).

My favourite place to enjoy the race is at the fan parks, where tents selling food and drink, along with big screens, music and crowds of spectators create a buzzing atmosphere:

- Bishop's Park (Close to the start line)

- Furnivall Gardens (Mid-course)

Go on Oxford!

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