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Time to Focus!

I hope you all had a fab Easter weekend and gobbled your way through lots of chocolate - I certainly did!

Now, I bet all you want to do it chill out and enjoy the Easter holidays but if you've been offered a place at Oxford Uni, now is crunch time!

Revision can be well and truly boring; I totally get it and remember being desperate for it to end but, and this is a big BUT, you're going to have a whole summer to have fun and then your first year of Oxford to look forward to. Giving up your time now will SO be worth it!

Here are my top tips on ways to stay focused:

* Plan - when you've got several subjects to juggle, it's important to spend enough time on each one, so write yourself a revision timetable.

* Small, meaningful chunks - revision can feel never-ending but try to set yourself goals and, once you've completed them take a little break. Then you've always got something to look forward to.

* Whenever your mind wanders try to remind yourself that this isn't forever, it's only for now and it WILL be worth it.

* If you're struggling with revision, tell someone - be it a teacher, friend or family member, get it off your chest and find out who might be able to help you.

* Think about your best learning method - mine was to write everything out a million times until it was fixed in my head but yours might be mind-mapping, or saying it out loud or reading - find what suits you best.

* If you're struggling to understand a topic from school, speak to your subject teacher to clear things up.

* Go for a walk - being cooped inside all day revising can all get too much, a little walk should help to clear your head and give you thinking time away from your desk. Your brain needs time to digest all that information.

* Tick - honestly there is nothing better than that feeling of ticking off a topic from your list!

Good luck


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