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A Breakdown of Trinity Term by a Sun-loving 2nd Year English Student

The third term of the year, which is probably just known as summer term in your school or sixth form, is called Trinity term at Oxford. The term spans the middle of April to the middle of June and as we’ve just started the term, I thought I would give you a short breakdown of my thoughts on the term of sunshine and freedom as an Oxford student.

What I’m most looking forward to about Trinity term:

Oxford in the sun and a Trinity term without exams

Everything seems easier when it’s sunny and warm. Getting out of bed last Trinity term was so much better with the sun waiting for you; even work was more enjoyable out in the open or with the sunshine lighting up my books as I read them. The main difference for most courses between last Trinity and this one, is that where last year’s Trinity term included coursework submission and end of year exams, this Trinity has neither. Most subjects do Prelim exams at the end of first year and the Finals exams at the end of final year, so this year Trinity will be a lot less stressful. Despite exams, last Trinity was a relatively free term, as we had less contact hours so that we could plan our own revision and work on whichever topics we personally struggled with, so it wasn’t all work.

What I’m least looking forward to about Trinity term:

Class work or essays due each week and the year ending

No exams means no revision time, which means the usual week by week deadlines and contact hours that we have in the other Oxford terms, rather than revision all day on the grass in a park. It will be interesting to look back on which Trinity term I end up enjoying more, since it will be freeing in a different way to not have exams looming, especially towards the end of term. Last year, we had our exams on the last three weekdays of term – Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – and then had to move out at 10am on the Saturday, so I didn’t really get to spend much social time with my friends before leaving Oxford for summer vacation and not seeing them for three months. This term we should be able to say goodbye properly and celebrate our last term of second year together before we come back as serious, ready-to-work-the-hardest-they-ever-have finalists in October. It will be hard to leave second year behind, as I have enjoyed it much more than my first year, but time flies here and I’m sure it will feel like no time at all has passed before it will be Trinity term of third year.

Honorary mention – favourite thing I did last Trinity term:

A trip down the river, not in a punt but in a pedalo

I’m yet to go punting, despite it being a key part of summer at Oxford, which is partly due to the fact that I can’t swim - I wouldn’t be able to stand on the edge of the boat and steer or be a hundred percent certain that I wouldn’t end up in the river with one of my friends attempting to steer. So instead I went for the lesser used alternative and, on a beautiful sunny day, my boyfriend and I hired a pedalo and took a lovely, romantic, memorable (and safe) boat ride.

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