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Exeter JCR Debrief

With Trinity term upon us, 'That Oxford Girl' is taking at look at what your college JCRs have been involved in over the last year. Today we're looking at Exeter College:

Bea Alabaster, Women’s Officer

In my role as Women's Rep, I represent the views and interests of all self-identifying undergraduates in college by attending fortnightly JCR executive meetings.

Thus far, I have introduced a scheme to offer all female undergraduates free tampons and pads in an attempt to combat period poverty. This scheme has proved highly successful, and runs twice-termly. I have also organised and hosted Women's Drinks in order to create a sense of community between women in college, as well as facilitating undergraduate workshops on sexual consent and sexual harassment.

Rachel Tudor, Access Rep

As Access Officer, I’ve been working hard to ensure that Exeter College is a place accessible to all, no matter what background. Access is something that’s really important to me, particularly as I benefited myself from access schemes that were run by the university. During my time as Access rep, I’ve introduced a new exec role of Class Officer to ensure that support is maintained throughout students' degrees and not just upon application. I’ve also created a ‘debunking Oxford Myths’ webpage which is due to go on the college website shortly, as well as conducting tours of the college, helping in open days, and outreach events.

Oluwatobi Olaitan, Equalities Officer

I trained and organised the Equalities Workshops at the start of the year as well as leading a dance class to improve inclusion and general morale of students within college.

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