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Summer fun...and learning!

Huge congrats to those of you who have recently finished exams! I know they can feel never-ending but now you have a whole summer of fun in front of you!

Whilst you should definitely enjoy a well-deserved break, if you are thinking about applying to Oxford, my advice would be to start trying to extend your knowledge of your subject, in between all the fun.

This doesn't need to be super stressful and time-consuming, just little bits here and there.

Here are some things I did:

* Moved away from the light-hearted easy reads onto books which were more relevant to my personal statement/subject (though of course still had a Sophie Kinsella packed for holiday!)

* Listened to podcasts related to my subject

* Watched documentaries

* Kept up to date with my subject, in terms of news/current affairs

* Picked a few authors/topics to focus on learning about - don't try to spread yourself too thinly

I found the more I learnt, the more connections I started to make and my confidence around my subject grew. I didn't spend all day, every day of summer doing this but by the time I got to interview I'd built up a strong selection of texts, ideas and opinions which meant I wasn't in a mad panic!

Top Tips

* Start by thinking about areas which interest you

* Build upon these areas and focus on extending your knowledge and ,making connections to other topics/ideas

* Keep your eyes peeled for any current news stories on your subject

* Start early and build up your knowledge in small, meaningful chunks, this will make it seem less overwhelming but by the time you get to applying, you'll be delighted you've got to much under your belt!

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