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The Extra Stuff

So, you're heading to the Open Days this week and you've found the answers to all the practical stuff about timings, talks, picking your course and college but what about all the other stuff?

Here's what I would have wanted to know!

* There are student helpers at each college wearing their college t-shirt, usually hovering at the front entrance ; this is called 'the lodge'. These students are here to welcome you, answer your questions and show you around. Don't be scared of them (I know I was!). Go up to them and say you'd like to be taken around and they will be delighted to show off their college!

* The colleges and halls are spread out - if you're visiting with someone you might even want to split up, to get more done. Whilst I went to a talk at St Anne's, my mum visited some of the colleges in the centre. As long as any friends, relatives etc., say they are here with a prospective applicant, they will be invited in and shown around.

* 'Is it cool to bring my parents?' Of course! Prospective applicants visit on their own, with friends, with relatives etc, and whichever you choose is totally fine!

* Try your best not to be intimidated - I went to a talk by an English tutor at St Anne's and he asked us some questions about a poem. I was way to scared to answer any but loads of other prospective applicants were super confident. I was sure they were way cleverer than me and I didn't stand a chance but let's remember I got in, so don't let other people put you off!

* Most of all try to enjoy the day - it's a HUGE achievement in itself to even be attending the Oxford Uni Open Days, it means you are considering one of the top universities in the world, as an option so be proud of that!

* P.S Bring your sun cream - it's set to be a scorcher!

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