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So, how was it?

I'm guessing many of you had a busy day rushing around the city this week for the Oxford Open Days.

I remember being totally mesmerised but also a little confused by just how different Oxford was from the other unis I'd visited. The way all the of colleges were dotted around the city, meant it was a day of frantically dashing.

I went to one talk by a Professor who gave his tutorials sitting barefoot on his desk and to another by one who was much more serious and advocated the need for hard work.

The first tutor was giving an English talk and asked us to comment on a poem - I was certain anything I said would be wrong and didn't dare put my hand up. I couldn't get over just how confident some of the other students were. They had such opinions and were so articulate, I was certain I'd never get in.

I still had this feeling when I got to Oxford, so really try not to let it put you off!

If you liked the vibe of the University, liked the city, liked the idea of living in a college and liked the sound of the tutorial system, then you've really got nothing to lose by giving it a go!

Top Tips

* Don't be put off by other applicants!

* Try to see whether you can imagine yourself studying at Oxford.

* If it appeals to you, then go for it! It's only one option on your UCAS!

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