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Summer at Christ Church Part 2

More from Abi on the wonders of summer at Christ Church College:


Another thing my friends and I like to do in Trinity Term (our third and summer term) is eat breakfast in Tom Quad, Christ Church’s largest quad.

We usually do this on a Sunday as a bit of a treat and go to our local coffee shop across the road to buy coffee (or iced coffees!) and pastries, and then just sit and chat for a bit in the sun before going to the library to do some reading!


After dinner in Trinity it can be really nice to sit in Peck Quad and enjoy the last few hours of sun and then the sunset. My friends and I sometimes do (or try to do!) some reading or work here, which ends up being a much more chill way to finish off the day, rather than returning to the library. During my exam week I revised in Peck all of the time because it was just so much nicer being outside in the sun than being inside at a desk!

However, most of the time we just sit and chill with each other for a bit, which is a really lovely end to an evening!

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