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The Night Before Results Day


With results arriving tomorrow, I remember my fears going into school/ checking online to find out if I had secured my place. With Oxford being a huge factor for many of you, there are some things I want you all to remember:

  1. At interviews, I made friends I knew I would remain in touch with whatever happened, and I am sure many reading found lovely and likeminded people through the process! Don’t let the final result take away from a wonderful experience

  2. To make it to interview stage and be offered a place is an incredible achievement whatever your results

  3. You will be studying the subject you love at university, be it your first choice or another institution!

Advice for today and tonight!

Try to take your mind off tomorrow, see friends/ family, have fun and try relax as best you can. The night before I got my results, my cousin and I went to the cinema and had dinner. While I still felt incredibly nervous, I had a few hours where I concentrated on something else entirely and gave myself some time-out from thinking about results. And at the end of all this, the wait is almost over! You have all made it this far, and whatever happens tomorrow, you should be proud of completing your previous studies and looking forward to the future.

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