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Results Day!

For many of you, today is a huge day in your lives and I really hope you got the results you were hoping for!

To those of you who have now confirmed your place at Oxford Uni, a huge congratulations! You must be so excited and should be really proud - the journey to getting into Oxford is a tough one and each and every one of you must have worked so hard! Just think in October you'll be moving to the Dreaming Spires to start your degree at one of the TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD!

I'm always looking to take on more 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassadors and for freshers to write up their experience of the application process, so if any of you would be up for this or interested in joining the team - get in touch via Insta or email me at:

It would be so so useful for future applicants if you could share your own insight!

If today you didn't meet your grades, I can imagine it feels horrible but if you were offered a place at Oxford Uni, it really is an amazing achievement in itself, so try not to forget that. The application process will have taught you so much; you've written personal statements, sat entrance exams, interviewed with world experts. You'll have learnt so many new skills which you will take with you wherever you go and no doubt be way ahead of the game. My friends loved wherever they ended up and I'm sure you will too. Saying that, if Oxford is your dream, there is always the option to reapply. I'm thinking of you today and if you have any questions, do feel free to get in touch.



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