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So, you've got into Oxford Uni! You've told your mum, you've told your dad, you've told your sister, you've told your cousin, you've told your brother, you've told your aunt, you've told you friends, you've told your teacher, you've told your grandad, you've told your neighbour, you've told your dog, you've told your you're running out of people to tell ME!!!

I love receiving your messages and it makes me so happy to hear that TOG has helped you on your Oxford journey!

I would also love to hear from you if any of you would be interested in writing up your story about the application process/A Levels/Results Day - this can be totally anonymous. I'm always looking to grow the 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassador team and it would be fab to have any of you guys on board!

'That Oxford Girl' is all about widening access and participation and increasing social mobility at Oxford Uni. I now have a team of over 30 student ambassadors from colleges and halls around the uni. The team meet once a term at The Handle Bar Cafe where we enjoy free tea, coffee and cake and discuss posts. As a reward system for writing posts, ambassadors receive goodies I get through the Instagram in their pidges (uni letterboxes) - these include free tickets, meals out, products, events etc.

This year alone ambassadors have attended launch parties, cookery courses, gigs, cocktail nights, dinners out, private dining experiences and much more!

I'm more than happy for you to put TOG on your CV and always happy to write references.

If you're starting Oxford Uni in October or are an existing undergrad or postgrad Oxford student, I'd love to hear from you!

Either dm me on Insta or email:



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