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Oxford Open Day September 14th

Yes it's that time of year again...another Oxford Uni Open Day

Whether you're in the midst of composing your personal statement to apply to Oxford this term or you're looking to apply in the future, the open days are a great time to find out more about the uni.

Why attend?

* You'll get to visit the faculties and departments to find out more about your subject.

* You'll have the opportunities to chat with tutors and staff.

* You'll meet current students - they are experiencing Oxford right now, so can tell you what to expect and answer any questions you might have.

* You can look around the colleges and get a feel for whether the college system appeals to you.

* You can visit the city itself and see if the vibe appeals to you.

* You can book in to attend talks on specific areas you're interested in finding out more about - check the open day programme:

* What better way to get a feel for whether Oxford Uni is for you, than by visiting?

However, don't panic if you can't attend, you can most definitely still apply to Oxford Uni! If you can't get to Oxford for 14th but are available to visit at a different time, prospective applicants are always welcome to look around!

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