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Top Tips for Tomorrow!

It's the Oxford Open Day on Friday, a day I always love, as the city is absolutely buzzing!

If you're heading to the city, here are some top tips to max out on your day:

* Use the Park & Ride, bus, Oxford Tube or train - Oxford is a nightmare to park in!

* Get to Oxford reasonably early if you want to get around everything - there's so much to see and do!

* Plan what you most want to see - whether it be a college, department, talk, building or the city itself, write a list of what you'd like to prioritise.

* Take some drinks and snacks to keep you going - uni open days always involve quite a bit of walking and, as Oxford Uni isn't located on one main campus, but rather spread around the city you'll need to keep those energy levels up.

* Wear comfy shoes!

* Talk to current students - they are experiencing Oxford right now and will be able to give you an insider's account of what it's like to study here.

* Ask questions - I always used to have loads of questions at these sorts of events but I always thought they were silly and would be terrified to put my hand up. I now know that NO question is silly! So try your best to ask; if you find it scary (like I did) write them down beforehand and, rather than putting your hand up in a big room, ask any of the student helpers or staff after the talk.

* Enjoy it - Oxford is a beautiful city and whether or not you decide the University is for you, treat the open day as an experience!

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