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It’s almost term time again! In a few weeks we’ll all be back, this time in new accommodation, living with different people, and ready to experience another year at Oxford. I’m so excited!

Apart from stressing over collections – something I do frequently and with a bit too much gusto – coming back to Oxford always raises the question of what to pack. So I thought I’d give a few hints and tips for those of you joining us in October (congrats!!).

Not including the obvious every-day clothes (bring enough outfits for 2 weeks, one or two formal outfits, one shirt/black skirt or trousers combo, and nightwear of course), towels, shoes, etc, I’d recommend checking out whether your accommodation has kitchens. If so, you’re going to need to bring pots (one milk pan, one frying pan, one big saucepan), cutlery, plates, and so forth – I got a picnic set and just use that. Because they’re plastic, they’re durable, and they’re brightly coloured and so very distinctive – it can be really easy to mix up one person’s teaspoon with another’s! And, most importantly: mugs. I met my college wife by offering her a cup of tea, and I’ve made many fond memories revolving around my kettle and mugs.

Also, don’t forget toiletries! A hand towel, whatever fancy products you use on your hair and skin – and bed things, too. Don’t just try to get by with one bedsheet: college laundry facilities don’t always work and you don’t want to be left with having to choose between no sheet and one that’s sopping wet. Bring pillows, bring a duvet cover (check if your college provides duvets etc), bring your favourite cuddly toy (nobody will judge you!).

Finally, please do bring things to decorate your room with. Your room is where you live at Oxford, and a plain, impersonalised wall-space is a sure-fire way to feeling down. You don’t have to go all-out with the fairy lights and pictures, but do pack a few posters at the very least. You might not be able to hang them up with blu-tack, but I promise you that with a little bit of creativity you can do pretty much whatever you want with your room…. just make sure to read through your accommodation contract first!

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