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Tilly's Tips - Personal Statement

Not long I'm sure you guys know the personal statement deadline for Oxford is earlier than most other unis, so it needs to be sent off through UCAS by 15th October.

Here are some things to have in mind when writing it:

Why have you chosen your subject?

What are you drawn to about studying it at uni?

What have you done to SHOW you are passionate about your subject?

What super-curricular have you been involved in (things outside of the curriculum related to your subject)?

Loads of you have asked about extra-curricular; some of you saying teachers have told you, you need to put loads in for your Oxford applications. The reality is, Oxford are far more interested in your academics. They appreciate you need to include extra curricular which isn't relevant to your subject for your other uni applications but suggest it only takes up 20%.

This is your chance to sell yourself to the tutors - don't just reel off a tick list, show them how you've engaged with your subject; things you've read, ideas that have interested you. You don't have to stand out with crazy amounts of work experience or exotic places you've visited. It could be that your local pond provides inspiration as a biologist, or a poem you read sparked your love of English or a local monument made you interested in history.

Once you've written it READ READ READ it before sending it off!

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