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Freshers' Fair!

As if `Freshers' Week wasn't overwhelming enough Freshers' Fair is on the horizon!

Held every year by Oxford SU (Oxford Student Union) it's a chance to explore, all of the clubs and societies on offer and wow are there a lot to choose from.

One of my main concerns when I started was that Oxford students would be tied to their desk with no time for fun. Remember though, whilst the workload is intense, there wouldn't be this many clubs and societies on offer if no one had time to attend them. Most students are able to balance work and play!

My advice would be to go to Freshers' Fair with an open mind - there is so much on offer, you might find your new passion. There really is something for everyone and even better, if you feel there is a gap for a new club or society, you can set up your own! 

Key info:

Location: Exam Schools on the High Street 

OUSU will allocate your college a time to attend Freshers' Fair 

Wednesday, 3rd October - 10am-5pm, last entry at 4pm

Thursday, 4th October - 9am-4pm, last entry at 3pm  

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