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This weekend is a super exciting one in the Oxford calendar: MATRICULATION!

Now I was absolutely buzzing for this when I started; for me it was just so Oxford and was the start of the truly unique journey I was about to embark upon.

So, what is it?

Well, Matriculation is the formal ceremony in which you officially becomes students of the University of Oxford. For the big day, students are required to wear 'sub fusc, academic dress and parade through the street, from their college towards the magnificent Sheldonian Theatre.

Once inside, University officials reel off Latin phrases and remind students that they are carrying on a long-held tradition.

After the ceremony 'Matriculash' begins - the student celebration which often involves an afternoon in the lovely pubs dotted around the city!

For me, it was a day filled with amazement and wonder - I was now part of this incredible institution!

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