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Christ Church Brewdog Night

Every college has a college bar - Christ Church's college bar is called the Undie, short for the Undercroft. College bars act as a king of social point for everyone in college, and in our bar, there are loads of cool events hosted each term.

Last term, one of the highlights was a launch night for Brewdog beers in the Undie, hosted on Halloween. The JCR are working with the staff in the Undie to get different types of drinks in the Undie - the Brewdog launch night kicked this off, and by the end of term we had all sorts of different cocktails, given appropriately Christ Church-esque names. This term we're going to get new beers on tap, by popular demand!

As the event was bound to be popular, we had to ballot for tickets. Luckily, a couple of my friends and I got on and we ended up having a really good time! We sort of milled about socialising and catching up with people from college and talking to the people from Brewdog (whilst we pretended to know things about beer). As a bonus, the staff in the Undie had decorated the Undie for Halloween, so there were fake skeletons pinned to all the walls - the Undie has some really snazzy LED lighting anyway and it's partially underground, so this added to the goulish effect! We'd also dressed up ready to go out for Halloween, so the night ended up being a really odd but fun night!

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