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Oxford I Love You

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than sharing my love for my favourite city/uni...Oxford of course!

You've probably gathered by now, I've loved this place since the age of ten and it really is a love which lasts a lifetime...

Oxford I love you because...

Stepping into your centre feels like stepping back in time

Your buildings are magnificent, soaring through the skies

Yours libraries are world-class, inspiring places to work

Your colleges are havens, hidden behind walls

Your history defines you, tradition at your core

Your streets are lined with bicycles, bells ringing as they ride

Your spires really do inspire us to dream...

Top places to visit this Valentine's Day

* Bodleian Libraries, Sheldonian Theatre & Divinity School for a magical wander

* The Handle Bar Cafe for a cosy coffee

* St Mary's Tower for a romantic moment overlooking the 'Dreaming Spires'

* Port Meadow for a country walk

* Branca or Gee's for a candlelit dinner

* The Duke of Cambridge for a fancy cocktail

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