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Escape Hunt - Westgate Oxford

On Tuesday evening we were lucky to have the chance to experience an escape room at Escape Hunt in the Westgate Centre. The room we had to try and escape from was the Doctor Who themed “Worlds Collide.”

For those of you who have never tried an escape room before, you are locked in a room for 60 minutes and have to try to decode the clues and puzzles to get out before the time runs out. It is a heavily themed experience, which immerses you in the plot line, which is often supernatural. Escape hunt has a few different themed rooms: a western, samurai, and pirate one. The Doctor Who theming was immersive and impressive, for those of us who were and fans and those not. It was a great team bonding experience, being able to work together and use our different skills.

The staff were very welcoming and convincing in their roles, giving us hints when needed yet not revealing too much of the puzzles. Unfortunately, we did not manage to escape in time, but we were not far off, probably only a minute more and we would have succeeded.

If you try will you be any better?

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