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OXO Bar - TOG Team

This term the TOG team enjoyed a fantastic night out at OXO Bar, a new gin & cocktail bar located on George Street:


OXO Bar is such a great place and is in such a fantastic location, too - it’s at the bottom of

George Street, so is about two minutes away from Bridge, which makes it a perfect place to go for pres on a Bridge Thursday! It’s also really affordable by Oxford standards as it has happy hour every weekday evening, where you can get two cocktails for one set price or even two for one, and it’s cocktail menu is also split into different sections based on price. There are cocktails that are less than £5, featuring some well-known favourites, and then ’special’ cocktails that go up to £8 each. The staff at OXO Bar are also really lovely, kind, and welcoming - and they go to a special effort to make each cocktail while chatting to the person who’s ordered! Some of the cocktails even feature tiny flamethrowers whilst they are being made! I will definitely be going back next term and getting all of my friends to come with me!


OXO Bar is such a stunning place – decorated with antique prints and warm overhead lighting, navy blue walls and velvet seating. The music is great and the cocktails are amazing – the London Express was my favourite (gin and raspberry puree among other things!) as well as Thyme for Elderflower Collins (gin again, but this time with lemon juice, thyme syrup and elderflower cordial). You can also get wine, beer and soft drinks. It has such a great vibe and I went back for my friends birthday recently!


I could not have asked for a better experience of OXO Bar. I was not expecting to walk into such a beautifully and aesthetically decked-out setting with gorgeous chandeliers and chic décor. After joining the other TOG girls and once my guest had arrived, we ordered our first round of cocktails from the very welcoming and smiley barman Elvis, who crafted the drinks with merriness and flair. I went for the Absolut Elder, one of the highlighted drinks on the menu. For all its simplicity, it was actually one of the best cocktails I’ve ever ordered – zesty, refreshing and aptly strong! My second drink, which I ordered perhaps after an hour of chatting at the bar

later, was a personal favourite: a strawberry daquiri, as excellently made as the first and garnished with an actual strawberry. And of course, not to forget the prosecco that followed to

add to the enjoyment! I think the other TOG girls will agree with me when I say we were very well treated, both by the drinks and by the service. But Elvis took it one step forward as the evening drew to a close... he gave us tequila each on the house to fuel whatever the rest of our evenings might entail. All in all, I really don’t think I could have asked for a better night! Thank you Elvis, thank you Oxo Bar, thank you Tilly!

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