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The Oxford Soap Company

A gorgeous spot has opened up in the Covered Market – The Oxford Soap Company – and I highly recommend checking it out. They make luxury, handcrafted products, as well as offering workshops where you can get stuck in!

Some of the TOG student ambassador team were invited in for a lovely soap making workshop and they not only had an absolute blast but left with some truly beautiful products.

Here is what they thought:

‘My friend Katie and I had a great time making soap, lotion and a scrub at the Oxford Soap Company! The owners were so lovely and made the experience so fun. We got to choose oils to use as scents in all of the products, as well as different decorations and colourings. My favourite was the black fig and vanilla scent, I made a matching soap, lotion and scrub set for my mum! We both went for a lavender scented lotion with aloe vera oil as the base so it is extra-moisturising. We learnt so much and had a great time, plus all of their products smell amazing. I can't wait to go back and try their new shampoo bar!’

‘We had an amazing time at the Oxford Soap Company in Oxford's Covered Market. Tucked away in the shop, we mixed up the ingredients for bars of soap, personalised scented lotions and body scrubs! We got to smell lots of essential oils before putting them into our products and learned all about the different benefits of each oil. The shop smells wonderful, and I'd really recommend it if you are looking for gift for someone special.’

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