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Last week the 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassador team enjoyed the dreamiest evening at the lovely Pho restaurant, in the Westgate Centre.

Pho specialise in fresh and healthy Vietnamese street food. With a delicious array dishes on their menu, choosing what to pick was tricky - I wanted everything! Luckily for us, Pho laid out a truly tasty selection of sharing platters to start, including summer rolls, beef wrapped in betal leaves, crispy spring rolls and spicy salad rolls. Next was the mains, I enjoyed a sensational chicken stir fry (yet, despite getting quite a bit of practice in Japan earlier this year, my chop stick skills remained questionable...!) Eventually, with the help of some of the TOG ambassadors, I got the knack of getting the noodles from my plate, to my mouth and it was so worth the effort (knives and forks are of course available)! For pudding a dreamy banana fritter awaited and by this point

we were all fit to burst.

The staff were all super friendly and were great at explaining each of the dishes as they came out. The main thing which really stood out for me was just how brilliant `Pho are at catering for dietary requirements - so often vegetarians, vegans, those on dairy free, gluten free, nut free diets etc., end up lacking choice when eating out but NOT AT PHO! There are so many dishes to choose from and they were also happy to adapt dishes too.

Students of Oxford, this is the place for you - you can enjoy a fresh, affordable, healthy meal out and even better they offer a 15% off food if you flash your student ID when you ask for the bill!

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