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Space NK

As many of you know, in Michaelmas the 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassador team enjoyed an amazing beauty evening at Space NK! This term they gifted an absolutely gorgeous selection of products to the student ambassadors which I handed out at our meeting - as you can imagine everyone was so excited!

Space NK is located on the High Street in Oxford and, I have to say, when I was a student I never really understood the concept but since our evening, I'm an absolute Space NK convert, as are many of the TOG team. The shop is full of a range of makeup, skincare and haircare brands, so the best bit is you have a CHOICE! I don't know about you but I have so often been in need of a foundation and headed into somewhere like Boots, where a sales assistant from one particular stand has then persuaded me that their brand is the best. I've ended up buying a foundation that wasn't right because I felt too awkward to say no. 

At Space NK you can try loads of different brands, with the makeup artists wanting to try them all out on you to find the best for you, as they have no affiliation with one particular brand; all the products come under 'Space NK'! 

I recently bought my makeup for my best friend's wedding from their store and ended up with a By Terry concealer and a NARS foundation - proof that you can pick up a selection!

Space NK also offer FREE makeovers - a great opportunity to try out their products and with the Oxford Ball season continuing at the end of term, I really recommend booking in!

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