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6 Ways to Deal with Exam Stress

Punting along the river, picnics in the park, lunches on the quad…what else does Trinity term have to offer? Well, unfortunately, exams!

Exams, whether finals or prelims, may be approaching for some of you so I thought it would be appropriate to share my top tips for dealing with the inevitable exam stress:

1. MAKE A PLAN – planning when, where and for how long you are going to revise is crucial. Having a diary or a weekly planner is a great thing to pop on your desk in order to remind you of your study schedule.

2. LESS IS MORE – this honestly depends on you work ethic and approach to revision, but it works so well for me. Spending six hours in the Radcliffe Camera isn’t necessarily productive or healthy, so be sure to get some fresh air, some sun and maybe a coffee to help you get through the day. Sometimes, studying less will allow your brain to recuperate and refresh from what you had been doing previously, so frequent breaks are ok and vital!

3. SAME BOAT, SAME PADDLE - everyone is in the same boat as you. Find comfort in the fact that most students will be taking exams this June and that feeling anxious about revision and grades is totally normal. Talking openly with friends or tutors about exam pressure and stress may help you feel energised and optimistic.

4.THE END IS NEAR – summer is just around the corner. The thought of sun, beaches and travelling should keep you motivated through your revision. Exams will come but they will also end, very, very quickly.

5. PERSPECTIVE – exams are daunting, and we all strive to achieve good grades, yet exams aren’t everything in life. Although academic achievements are important and are a definite confidence booster, they will not necessarily change your life.

6. COMPARISON – don’t compare yourself to other students’ study patterns. We all work differently and never feel that you aren’t doing enough or that you’re doing too much. You know what works for you so stick to that!

I hope this was helpful to some of you. Good luck everyone!

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