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Tutorials at Wolfson College

In the autumn term (Michaelmas) I had tutorials at Wolfson College. Wolfson College is a graduate college and is the furthest out of the city centre - you might have heard of Lady Margaret Hall and St Hugh's College if you've heard people talking about far-out colleges, but Wolfson is even further! Wolfson is in the suburbs, and it made a lovely change to go there!

The reason why I was having tutorials at Wolfson was because my tutor is based there - it's her college. To get to Wolfson, I either caught the bus or walked. Walking through suburban Oxford in the autumn was actually really lovely. It was a nice chance to get out of central Oxford - it was really refreshing! The suburbs are so different to the city centre: I saw moms and dads picking up their kids from school, huge coaches driving secondary school kids around (which was a lot like being home!), people cycling for fun, not just to get somewhere, and some really cool huge Victorian houses. The sun would set in each tutorial and I'd get to look out of the window at all the oranges and pinks over the top of the suburban houses and trees.

It's also always nice to see other colleges. Wolfson is very different to my college (Christ Church) as it's quite modern in structure, whereas mine is really old. It's also laid out quite differently: its Porters' Lodge is more like a lobby and waiting room area, and this area is filled with comfy sofas and a really interesting modern art collection. Wolfson also seemed to be quite involved in the local community - each week when I went they were involved in a different activity. One week they were hosting music auditions for 10-15 year olds and some of the rooms were set up as practice rooms.

Wolfson also apparently has a really cool boathouse and overlooks a really nice part of the river - something which I intend to go and have a look at one sunny day!

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