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A Level Results Day 2019

At last all the waiting is over; you've now opened your A Level results and found out whether you've secured your place at Oxford Uni...I really have had all my fingers crossed that you got the results you were hoping for.

If today you found out you've been offered a place, then a HUGE WELL DONE! All that hard work has paid off and in October you'll be starting at one of the TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD. This is an achievement you'll have forever, no one can take it away and it's all down to YOU!


Here at TOG we are so proud of you and super excited to share loads of posts on student life with you in the run-up to freshers'. So keep checking out the blog!

If you've been following TOG and found it helpful through the process, then we'd love you to get involved and share your story on any aspect of your journey so far, to support the next cohort of applicants. I'm always looking to take on more 'That Oxford Girl' student ambassadors, so if you'd be up for writing a post or interested in joining the team - get in touch via Insta or email me at: Look out for a full post on what this entails tomorrow!

If today didn't go to plan, I know it may feel like the worst thing ever. The Oxford application process is so tough and you got so close which I can imagine makes this set-back feel even more horrible. What I want you to remember is YOU, yes YOU applied to Oxford Uni (a huge achievement in itself), you went through each stage of that gruelling application process and succeeded every step of the way. I can absolutely promise you this wasn't for nothing - you must be so motivated, determined, intelligent and hard working and you'll have learnt so many new skills which you will take with you wherever you go. You are already so far ahead of the game!

Oxford certainly isn't the only option; my friends who didn't secure places, loved wherever they ended up and I'm sure you will too. I can almost bet that a few weeks in, the sadness you're feeling now will have disappeared, you'll be meeting so many new people, living in an exciting new place, learning new things and getting involved in loads of clubs and societies. Every university gives you these opportunities, not just Oxford!

if Oxford is your dream, there is always the option to reapply.

I'm thinking of you all today and if you have any questions, do feel free to get in touch.



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