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‘What else is left to do?’ This is a question I found myself asking again and again over the last few weeks, as the stress of moving out of one flat into another drew nearer. My list seemed never-ending and the amount of stuff I was attempting to shift down two flights of stairs was certainly not something I could manage alone...

Enter FANTASTIC SERVICES - wow was I happy when they emailed offering both a removal service and end-of-tenancy clean!

And these weren’t just any old emails. I can honestly say I have never dealt with a company who go out of their way to be so friendly and helpful. So often things fall down due to lack of communication but Fantastic Services asked all of the right questions before any queries arose and answered mine so quickly and clearly. Shoutout to Radost who was there every step of the way!

Suddenly, the stress faded and there was a plan in place. All I needed to do was pack my stuff and

dismantle the furniture.

Many of you will be moving in and out of uni accommodation over the next year and I highly recommend checking out Fantastic Services . The removal came with two strong members of staff who loaded up the van efficiently and had it in my new place super smoothly.

Whilst you can attempt to clean your accommodation yourself, it can often take forever and many landlords will stipulate that you have to book a professional clean. Fantastic Cleaners did a brilliant job; the staff were lovely and happy to focus on whichever areas I chose. They left my flat spotless ensuring I got my deposit back in full. The dream!

Fantastic Services offer everything from cleaning, to removals, builders, gardeners, tradesmen, pest control and waste removal.

To book your Fantastic service and get £10 OFF your first booking, create your account via this link:

They were truly FANTASTIC!

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