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Just got into Oxford Uni? Join the TOG Team!


If you're anything like me, you will literally be bursting with excitement and want to tell anyone and everyone who will listen.

So, if by now, you've told your mum, dad, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, neighbour, friends, teachers, dog, cat, the goldfish...well now please TELL ME!

I love receiving your messages and it's always amazing to hear how TOG has helped you on your journey.

If you've followed TOG through the process and found it helpful then we would love to have you as part of the team!

TOG is all about being representative of everyone at Oxford Uni and we want to hear YOUR story.

So, what does being a student ambassador involve?

Student ambassadors are asked to write a minimum of one blog post a term on any aspect of the application process or student life. These can be on anything from their course, socials, entrance exams, tutorials, clubs and societies...the list goes on. They only need to be short, around 300-500 words. Ambassadors email them over to me and I upload them to the blog.

What's the commitment time-wise?

I host one student ambassador meeting per term at the lovely Handle Bar Cafe, where we enjoy a tasty selection of (free!) tea, coffee and cake. We discuss posts for the term and it's always a great chance for ambassadors to get to know each other.

Do you host socials?

Yes! The feedback from last year was that the team were keen to make friends outside of college. So I took this on board and we had some brilliant team events, including a complimentary dining experience at Pho, a beauty evening at Space NK and cocktails at OXO Bar.

What about these goodies I heard about?

I'm offered lots of fab goodies from brands through the TOG Instagram and I pass these onto the ambassador team as a thank you for their voluntary work. This means ambassadors may find exciting products in their pidges and I also email out 'giveaways' which ambassadors can usually attend with a guest of their choice. So far, ambassadors have enjoyed experiences such as Junkyard Golf, gig tickets, theatre shows, escape rooms, plus loads of complimentary drinks and meals at Victors, Pho, The Alchemist, Branca to name a few! These aren't guaranteed but are a nice little bonus.

How will it help with my CV?

Well, being a TOG student ambassador shows:

* Writing skills

* Team work

* Commitment

* Voluntary work

* Marketing experience (we regularly collaborate with brands)

* Social Media skills

Ambassadors have also been involved in some fantastic opportunities; in Michaelmas the team featured in their own mini-BBC online documentary!

I'm always happy to write references and, through being involved in TOG, ambassadors have gone onto obtain leadership roles in college, internships and even job offers. The feedback has been that TOG has been something a bit different which has stood out on their CV!

TOG is an innovative resource helping to widen access and participation to Oxford Uni!

If this all sounds like you, direct message me on Instagram or email me at:

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