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Freshers' Week Advice

Whether you’re excited or nervous at the idea, Freshers’ Week can seem quite overwhelming. So, here’s some information that I hope will ease some of your worries.

You may be wondering how exactly you’re supposed to meet people and make friends. Your college will organise activities during the day which give you the opportunity to meet people. Even if you do not want to go to the organised activities, there is also the chance to meet people at meal times in the dining hall. There will also be talks and information regarding your course during the week. This allows you to meet the other people on your course at your college if you haven’t bumped into them yet. There may be a lot of small talk at the start and perhaps some awkward silences but this is just part of the process of meeting new people and making friends.

Unlike at other universities, you are likely to be set work during freshers’ week. While you shouldn’t leave the work until the last minute, you also should not let it stop you from making the most of freshers’ week. Try your best with the free time you have but there will be plenty of time for work in the future, so do not put too much pressure on your first piece of work.

You may be worried about feeling pressured to go out every night, especially if clubbing and drinking are not really your thing. Don't worry! If you’re not that into clubbing or do not drink, there will be non-alcoholic alternative activities in the evenings, so don't think that not going clubbing will reduce your opportunity to meet people and make friends.

Freshers’ Fair is the best way to make sure you sign up for all the clubs and societies you want and get involved with activities outside college life. You’ll discover clubs you didn’t even know you wanted to join. There is something for everyone and there will for sure be lots of free stuff up for grabs so it is definitely worth a visit!

Finally, don’t be worried if you don’t quite feel settled in by the time Freshers’ Week is over. People settle in at different rates; some a few days and some a few weeks. You may have the impression that everyone is completely comfortable in their new environment but do not worry if you do not feel the same, you are not the only one!

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