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How to make the most out of Freshers' Fair

You have just arrived at Oxford and this is what you’ve been waiting for: the chance to get involved with sports, music and societies that you would never have dreamt of. It can be quite overwhelming stepping into Exam Schools, where people at stalls are all trying to grab your attention and shove leaflets into your hands.

Here are a few tips to navigate Freshers' Fair!

Do not be afraid to try new things and be open minded! There are societies for things you may not have even heard of before, but if this might be something you are interested in then sign up. Having said this - do be careful of signing your name up to too many different things as you can get bombarded with emails. But then again, you can always unsubscribe from the different mailing lists later in the term or year!

I would not advise signing up to more than 6 things, as you usually only end up being able to do 2 or 3. Remember that you will have a degree to work on and also college sports to get involved in as well! But also most societies have a free trial period, meaning that you can try them out and not join them if you change your mind.

Don't be peer pressured! You will probably have made some friends already and go to the Fair with them - and they may be into completely different things to you. Just because your friends are all signing up to Oxford Wine Tasting Society does not mean you have to! Also, do not be put off by your friends either. There are some societies that I think I would have loved to join but did not in fear of my friends judging me. It's hard to not care about what your friends think, but it is better to not regret your choice later on.

It is never too late! If you have always wanted to try fencing or karate or Model United Nations then do not be afraid of being the only novice, as often most people that will be complete beginners!

Lastly, keep your eye out for lots of free stuff like pizza, Wagamamma vouchers and lots of pens.

Hope this helps and enjoy your Freshers' Week!

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