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Freshers' Fair!


'How's Freshers' Week been?'

These were the three most popular answers...

'Full-on', 'intense', 'overwhelming...'

So, let me tell you, if you are in a state of exhaustion, if your brain feels like it has been bombarded with enough info to last a lifetime and your jaw aches from chatting to so many new people, well you are certainly not alone! Then let's throw into that mix, Freshers' Fair itself which was about as hectic as it gets, well it's no wonder you are tired!

It was amazing to meet you this week and I really couldn't believe how many of you followed 'That Oxford Girl' through the application process. To hear that it was the reason you applied to Oxford or helped you to get in and know what to expect, well that honestly meant the world.

Over 600 of you signed up to TOG this week - 600!!! I cannot get over it. So excited to send you our TOG updates and see lots of you at our termly meeting!

And now for a few THANK YOUS because the TOG stall was supported by some amazing people:

Student ambassadors - Some of my brilliant team joined me on the TOG stall at Freshers' Fair - Willow, Molly, Caitlin, Caroline, Jennifer, Florence, Mary, Katie, Ellen, Rebecca, Leeya & Lucy - you are absolute stars!

Bounce - the lovely guys at Bounce Design provided us with MERCH - yes, TOG merch. We were all kitted out in fab TOG t shirts with our bicycle logo. Plus they made our fantastic posters and banner for our stall which proved pretty eye-catching.

Plough at 38 - this historic micro brewery and restaurant at the heart of Oxford, on Cornmarket is a truly inviting spot to cosy up in. They very kindly rewarded the TOG team with a lovely selection of drinks and pastries!

Student's Union - thank you so much for organising such a well-organised and buzzing event. We loved being a part of it!

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