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An Oxford Rejection

By Tilly Rose

If this you didn’t get the result you were hoping for then you know what that is RUBBISH! And I think it’s really important to acknowledge that. You worked so hard, went through round and rounds of a long and tough process and perhaps set your heart on Oxford and now it feels like at the final hurdle, it has been cruelly snatched away. It’s totally normal to feel upset, annoyed, frustrated and let down.

My advice is get all those emotions out - rant to your friends, family, teachers etc., because sometimes life just doesn’t feel fair. This is NOT a comment on your intelligence but rather whether the Oxford Uni system is the best fit for you right now.

I always think doing something is better than doing nothing in these situations, so I’d highly recommend thinking about these options:

1.Ask for interview feedback - either way this could be helpful for deciding next steps.

2. Reapplying - quite a few people have been in touch today who have been offered places second time around!

3. Do your undergrad elsewhere and aim for a postgrad at Oxford - you get to enjoy the same experience, just a little later! Lots of @thatoxfordgirl ambassadors have done this

4. Choose another of your choices - if you were offered an interview at Oxford you will be flying elsewhere. Although Oxford may feel like everything right now, every uni offers the chance to move away, meet new people, study a subject you love, explore a new city, join loads of clubs & societies and leave with an brilliant degree!

You have got this 🙌


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