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Appealing A Levels

By Tilly Rose

’I missed my offer to Oxford by one grade’ ️

️’The grades my school predicted me didn’t even match my offer’


️’My school hasn’t performed well in the past. We were all downgraded. Now I can’t go to medical school’ ️

️’I missed my offer and insurance place’ ️

️’I was really unwell during my mocks. They don’t reflect what I’m capable of achieving’ ️

These are real messages I’ve received from you guys in the last 24 hours and I want you to know that every single one of them has stayed with me. I spent all of dinner last night ranting to my family about how upset I was that this system has disrupted your plans for the future. It just isn’t fair. On results day, some students are happy, others are sad but whatever happens YOU have had the opportunity to sit those exams, YOU have had the chance to give it your best shot This year that was cruelly snatched away. The lack of control over your next steps must feel horrendous! 

I know so many of you are feeling so so crushed right now and you are allowed to, get it out, cry, rant away, write it down, sometimes it’s good to just let it out BUT remember it won’t always feel this way Our recent post by Cassie proved her devastation on results day ended up leading to the best experience of her life - a different uni, a city she has stayed in after graduation, a job she loves and a husband! Right now the future is so uncertain for you and none of this is your fault but there are options! New video up on Appealing A Levels, the Uni Cap, Triple Lock and more! link in bio.  

️1. Clearing - there are thousands of places available at other unis and sometimes a new path can be an even better and more exciting one, so be open-minded! ️

2. Appeal - if your school feels there has been a systematic error, they can appeal on your behalf

️3. Complain - if you feel there has been bias or discrimination with your predicted grade, you can make a complaint to your school. Ask them about the complaints procedure ️

️4. Mocks - if your mocks are higher than the grades you were awarded, ask your school to send these off to the exam board. Uni places are being held open until 7th September. ️

️5. Resit exams - know this is so rubbish to have to start over but it may we’ll be worth it so you can PROVE what you can do in an exam setting - you still have loads of time to revise for autumn exams and an impromptu gap year may not be the worst thing ️

️6. Campaign - keep making your voice heard. This system has caused you so much heartache and unfairness and make your voice heard. Write articles (we’d love to feature on @thatuniversitystudent & @thatoxfordgirl, sign petitions, post on social media .

️7. @unjadedjade posted a really great flowchart on different appeal options in her story: - check it out here

️8. TELL SOMEONE - ultimately this whole situation is crap and sometimes just getting it off your chest and having a good old rant is much needed to de-stress.

Also check out my latest vid on how to appeal:

Thinking of you all x


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