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Brasserie Blanc, Oxford

By Grace Walters

My night at Brasserie Blanc , Oxford was so kindly organised through the That Oxford Girl raffle at one of our last meetings. When my number was plucked out by Tilly, I basically ran back to my house afterwards to tell my boyfriend, and we ended up going as a post-dissertation celebration meal.

Located in Jericho, the front of the restaurant was occupied by two simultaneous postponed Christmas parties, making for a great buzz. The manager showed us to the table himself, and

he came back over throughout the night to ask about the food.

For the starters, it was my boyfriend’s first time trying snails, so he considered that a French restaurant would be the perfect time. I would very highly recommend the pork belly, as well as the sausages with truffle mash: the best mashed potatoes I’ve had. All the ice creams and sorbets were vegan, so for someone with food allergies this was really appreciated. We also tried the truffles and some Irish coffees, alongside a lovely carafe of wine.

As a location for celebrating a special occasion, or trying authentic French cuisine, it was one of the best dining experiences we’ve had at university, and made for the most wonderful evening.


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