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Do I have to drink?

By Sally Vick

'DOWN it Fresher!!!'

It's a line you hear before you get to uni and yep, the likelihood is you'll hear it once you arrive too. It seems like a laugh but it can be intimidating.

What if I don't drink? What if I don't want to drink much? What if I don't like the idea of downing drinks?

If you are asking any of these questions, then I feel you! Last year, this was me. I was so worried my social life would be seriously lacking if I wasn't knocking back the shots. I actually love a good party and night out but heavy drinking has never been my vibe. I was scared everyone would think I was a loser.

But the good news - uni felt different, it felt less judgey than school. I said I didn't want to and it was left at that. I was still invited to the pres, went to the parties and nights out, I just wasn't throwing up over the toilet all day the next day. I have friends who drink, friends who don't, friends who take drugs and friends who would never in a million years.

You'll meet so many different people at uni but try not to mould yourself to be who you think they want you to be. Be YOU! Anyone who doesn't love you for that isn't worth it and you will find your group, so don't settle for an environment where you ever feel pressured to be something other than unapologetically you!


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