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GCSE Results Day

By Tilly Rose

WOW what a few days it has been. You guys deserve the best weekend, either sleeping off all that stress or celebrating in style because the emotional rollercoaster surrounding results day has been crazy!

Loads of you found out yesterday that you'll now be awarded your predicted grades for GCSE. Whilst for some of you this is the best news ever, for others you aren't sure your predicted grades match what you're capable of in the final exam. I'm so with you - I was predicted a C in Spanish and got an A* and on Results Day I remember my teacher being in complete shock.

It's rubbish that you haven't been given the opportunity to prove what you can do but it seems like this is a better outcome than the Ofqual system which was going to lead to loads of you being downgraded, particularly strong performing pupils at typically lower performing schools. So, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

Remember everyone knows that this year is unprecedented, so whatever grades you have now received, it's clear that the system hasn't worked for everyone and universities, future employers, sixth forms are well aware of that.

You have the opportunity to prove yourself again, during your next two years of school and your A Levels. So the grades you are to be awarded for GCSE do not define you. There are lots of opportunities to improve upon them and show what YOU are capable of.

So, my advice would be TAKE CONTROL! The last few months have shown you just how horrible it is when that control is snatched away from you, so use this as motivation to work really hard over the next few years, seize every opportunity, revise, focus and smash those future exams. This situation was no fault of your own but you do have control over your next steps and I know you can do it!


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