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How to extend your learning

By Alayna Kirkel

It's that time of year again, Oxford application season is nearly here and you're probably wondering what you can do over the vac to give yourself the best possible chance of being offered a place.

When I was applying, I read Tilly's 'That Oxford Girl' book with a whole chapter devoted to application. Something she really drilled into me, was not just relying on what I learnt at school, instead I needed to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

So how did I do this? Here is my list of things I did to apply for History:

  1. Read books

  2. Read articles

  3. Read Jstor journals/papers

  4. Visited museums

  5. Went on walks in my local area and took note of memorials, monuments, architecture

  6. Listened to podcasts

  7. Watched documentaries

  8. Visited the local library

  9. Read fiction and novels set during the time periods I was interested in

  10. Oh and applied to the oldest university in the English speaking world...and got in! So APPLY!!


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