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Ideas for Uni Lockdown Household Fun!

By Anabel Riley

At the moment, university life isn’t quite what we all expected or hoped it to be. The restrictions introduced as a result of the pandemic aren’t ideal but we can definitely adapt to them in order to make the most of our time!

Outside of virtual studies, there is still plenty of fun to be had. If you’re getting bored of online quizzes and zoom calls, try out some of these suggestions with your household…

Games Night

Grab a pack of cards or some board games and get started! Immersing yourself in some games is a great way to give yourself a break, get into the competitive spirit and bond with other members of your household!

Household BOP

Whether it’s Hawaiian or the Wild West, there is lots of fun to be had with a little bit of dress up and decoration! Choose one BOP theme for the whole household, some suitable music and maybe even some themed games!

Movie Night

Decide on a film, a time and someone’s room. Grab the popcorn, sweets and drinks. Turn the lights down and the sound up. Watching a movie as a household is a great way to spend some free time. You could even consider buying a projector as a household or even having a weekly night to watch your favourite TV series!

Household Bar Crawl

As individuals or in pairs, transform your room into a bar with your theme of choice! You could even make a speciality drink for your bar. Enjoy bar hopping around your corridor/house and see what everyone else has come up with.

Formal Night

Get out your gowns, do your hair and let loose! As a household, decide on a night to go all out and treat it like a traditional Oxford formal. Wear your gowns to dinner and have a chat over drinks.

Oxmas Party 

A few ideas to get you started: secret Santa, Christmas card-making, decorating the walls with tinsel, paper snowflakes to stick on the windows, mulled wine, Baileys and mince pies. End Michaelmas 2020 with a household celebration that will leave you feeling festive and merry!


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