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Interview write up - English

By Abbie

This year I interviewed at Pembroke College for English Language and Literature. I had the usual two interviews at Pembroke that all candidates had, then an extra at St Anne’s and then a third at Pembroke!

The whole process was really enjoyable; I arrived at the same time as another girl interviewing for English, so I already had a friend to keep me company. Everyone was really friendly, including the student helpers, and you could chat to anyone in the JCR or Hall.

The interviews were kind of what I expected... each one had an aspect of unseen, whether preprepared or sprung upon you half way through! This was a bit daunting, but it was interesting to discuss the texts with experts. I did get some of the ‘typical’ Oxford interview questions, most notably ‘is all literature political?’. I also don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon my answer to one question that Dickens’ writing was ‘commercial’...

In my time outside interviews (when I wasn’t catching up on English coursework), I went for a wander around Oxford to the Covered Market and I visited Christ Church, where I embraced my role as a Harry Potter tourist! Pembroke also has its own cafe, which was really nice as a change of scenery.

Overall, whatever the reply I get in January, it was a really enjoyable experience that I’m glad to have had the change to take part in!


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