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Interview write-up - French & Beginner’s Russian

By Isabel

Here’s a bit about my interviews for French and Beginner’s Russian at Wadham College: Interview 1: Russian This took place in the centre of Oxford with a professor (not from Wadham) and a Russian language instructor. The first bit was about my personal statement (2 questions), then they asked what I knew about the course at Oxford. They also wanted to know how I would cope on the year abroad. The next thing they did was give me a sheet of paper with English sentences with a part A and B that may appear to be odd for English speakers, they asked me to identify this and also said how would I explain the structure of the sentences to someone with no understanding of English grammar. The last thing they asked was for me to repeat some Russian phrases that the instructor recited. Overall it was an ok interview, they didn’t seem as if they wanted to trick me and they said the main aim for the interview was to talk about the course. Interview 2: French I was given a poem to prepare 25 mins before the interview. We then discussed it which was the first part. Part 2 was based off a novel I had read in my personal statement- we discussed this for nearly 20 minutes! Finally, I had a conversation with the language class teacher and the professor which was about a fairly basic topic- holidays. Interview 3: Russian I was given a poem in English beforehand to prepare (25 mins), like the French interview we discussed this first. Then I was asked why I wanted to study Russian. We then moved onto my personal statement where we discussed a few of the plays and short stories I had read in translation.


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