Last Minute Admissions Test Tips

By Jess King

For essay subjects

* PLAN your essay

* Structure essays thematically, not chronologically

* Annotate the unseen extracts and pull out interesting discussion points

* Make connections between unseen extracts, drawing comparisons between them

* Evidence all of your statements/arguments with quotes from the unseen extracts

* Leave enough time to read/analyse the unseen extract and to write your essay

Multiple Choice

* Don't leave any answers blank

* Eliminate answers you know are wrong and then analyse the options left

* Revisit curriculum notes/material the night before to keep them fresh in your mind


* WRITE down your workings out, even if you don't reach the right answer, being able to see how you approached the question is really important

* Divide time equally between different sections of the paper, e.g. Maths and Physics papers will be weighted equally

For every subject

* READ the question

* Analyse the question - make sure you 100% have in your head what it is asking

* Read over your notes the night before

* Familiarise yourself with past papers, so you are aware of the structure

* Get a good night's sleep

* In the exam, big breath in, even longer one out to calm your mind and body

* Remember, the test is supposed to be challenging, so don't panic if the answers aren't obvious!

* This is one part of lots of stages in an application process, so remember lots of areas are taken into consideration when deciding whether to invite you to interview.