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Late Night Eats at Turtle Bay

By Jenna Colaco

#gifted to the TOG team

Turtle Bay’s ‘late-night eats’ is a new deal that they are running across their restaurants. The deal offers four cocktails and two small plates of food for £23.50. The deal runs Monday to Thursday, 9:30-11pm and Friday to Saturday from 10-12pm.

Turtle Bay offers a wide variety of small plates (and sides) to choose from with both vegetarian and vegan options. We selected ‘crispy chilli squid’ from the small plates section and ‘mac and cheese’ from the sides options. The squid in particular was excellent and my friend would recommend it to anyone looking to try something new. Vegan options include ‘sweetcorn fritters’ which I’ve had before and are lovely. Unfortunately, they had run out when we visited this time but I would definitely recommend them.

The restaurant also had a very extensive drinks menu, with 2-4-1 cocktails at the same time as the ‘late-night eats’ deal, so you could decide to get extra drinks later. They offer a mix of cocktails, mocktails and soft-drinks. We opted for one cocktail and one mocktail.

The ‘Raspberry Reggae’ was an amazing cocktail made from dark rum, fresh lime, berry, raspberry and grapefruit. It was strong and fruity. It is also suitable for vegans, like most of Turtle Bay’s drinks.

The ‘Virgin Kolada’ was also vegan and very, very good. It was so lovely and creamy, it was like sipping on a dessert. If you like something sweet and non-fizzy, this would be a great option. It was made from coconut milk, coconut syrup and pineapple juice.

Overall, the ‘late-night eats’ deal is good value for money. For two friends sharing the deal, it would cost £11.75 each for two cocktails and a small plate with the option to get extra drinks 2-4-1 afterwards. It would be a great deal to go for if you want something small to snack on instead of a full meal and want to enjoy a good selection of affordable drinks.

PLEASE NOTE: Turtle Bay kindly gifted this experience, but this is an honest review.


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