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'Law with Law Studies in Europe' Interview Tips

By Isabelle D

The language interview for the 'Law with Law Studies in Europe' course takes the format of a casual conversation in your target language, and focuses on your interest in the country that you are looking to spend the year abroad in. When I was prepping for my language interview for the Law with French Law course, I could hardly find any resources on what to do to prepare, so here are some tips:


Practice conversation-style language


In A-levels, we are taught to use formal language that is rarely used in everyday scenarios, so it will not be exactly what you use in your year abroad. Instead of focusing on practicing perfect grammar and memorising complex sentence structures to use, make sure that you are able to talk casually and spontaneously in your target language. Focus on your conversational vocabulary and make sure that if you wish to articulate an interest in something, you have the vocabulary to do so. You can still link things back to law if you wish, but there is no pressure to demonstrate your legal vocabulary in the target language either.


Show interest in the country that you are applying to spend the year abroad in


You have already demonstrated your interest in law with your personal statement and law interviews, so this interview is your opportunity to show why you want to spend a year in a foreign country. Whilst not everybody has the opportunity to travel and explore the country beforehand, there are other things you can do, and then talk about, to show your interest in the culture of your target country, such as watching films, keeping up with current affairs, reading books, etc.


Show a willingness to learn


This interview is a lot more relaxed than your law ones and follows the structure of a normal conversation. This format is a great opportunity for you to show an interest in the culture of the country you want to spend your year abroad in, so ask questions if something your interviewer says interests you, or if you would like recommendations on how to further your knowledge of a particular part of the culture. This way, you can demonstrate an interest in the culture of the country not just through explaining what you have done, but also through a willingness to learn more!


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