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Oxford Cambridge Boat Race 2021

By Tilly Rose @thattillyrose

This weekend - The Oxford Cambridge Boat Race!

The Boat Race is one of the most famous rowing events in the world. The annual contest between the two universities has been going for nearly 200 years.

Which BLUE are you?

Cambridge University wear the light ‘Duck Egg’ blue, whilst the Oxford crews wear dark blue.

Usually this event takes place along the Thames and crowds of 250,000 turn up to cheer on the crews, with a further seven million watching on television.

Social distancing means, for one year only, the location will be moved to the man made river, stretching through the hamlet of Queen Adelaide, the village of Littleport and the Great Ouse. Sadly no spectators are allowed but we will be able to watch on TV!

If you're thinking of applying to Oxford and would like to try out rowing, know that rowing is huge at Oxbridge. There is the option of trialling with the university or your college team but even at college level, boats train most days of the week. Students also compete in intercollegiate competitions such as Bumps and Summer Eights but the biggest event in the calendar is always the Varsity Boat Race!

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