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Oxford Open Day 2021 30th June

By Tilly Rose

So you were probably hoping by now, you'd be spending your open day wandering through beautiful Oxford, taking in the stunning buildings, sublime scenes, historic libraries, beautiful colleges, world-class departments and attending fascinating talks from tutors and students.'re back at your desk!

Whilst actually being in Oxford, of course, gives you that real life taste of what it's all about I still really recommend logging on and getting involved in this year's virtual open day, on 30th June & 1st July, if you're considering applying to Oxford.

The Virtual Open Day is a chance to find out more info, hear from the staff and students, ask questions on forums and even virtually explore the colleges and departments. It is not sort of test, simply an opportunity for you to see whether Oxford might be for you. If you're unsure, it's a great way to 'pop in' without devoting a whole day out to somewhere you're undecided on.

So get yourself there!

Registering isn't compulsory but does mean you'll be sent relevant info about the event and applying for undergrad study at Oxford!

Top Tips for open day

* ASK questions on the forums - you don't even have to put your hand up in front of a room full of people, just type away!

* WRITE notes - have a little notepad next to you or type up anything relevant on your laptop as you go along!

* RESEARCH which colleges do your course, then ask yourself: would I rather a large or small one? Would I rather a college on the outskirts or in the centre? Would I rather old or new? This should be the fun part!

* REMEMBER - the open days aren't a test, this is your chance to see whether Oxford is for you, so enjoy it!


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