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Preparing to Apply to Oxford

As application season is nearing, here are some top tips on preparing for Post-Graduate Application to Oxford!

1. Choose the department/course you want to apply to.

Check to ensure you meet their entry requirements. Sometimes, the courses require you to reach out to a PI/lab head before your application, so take the time to write an email stating your interest in applying to the course/working with them.

2. Start to look for funding.

Look to see which funding options you are eligible for and start drafting applications to these. Email the course administrator for more guidance if you need it.

3. Update your CV.

Applications will require you to attach a CV. Take the time now to make sure yours is up-to-date and easy to read, to save time later.

4. Ensure you have copies of your previous degree transcripts, and any English language tests.

You will also be required to upload official transcripts from your previous degree(s), and provide evidence of your English language tests (if necessary; if your first language is English then this is often not required).

5. Draft your personal statement/statement of interest.

The main part of the application is your statement of interest. Draft yours ahead of time, to save stress later!

6. Contact your references.

Oxford will often ask you to provide 3 academic references. Decide who you’d like these to be and contact them ahead of time to ensure they’re happy to be your referee, and that they’re ready to submit a reference upon request.


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