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Prepping for the Oxford Uni Decision

By Tilly Rose

Yes, it’s that time of year again; 14th of January is fast approaching - the day when you’ll find out whether or not you’ve been offered a place at Oxford Uni.

And yes, right now, you’re probably freaking out! I certainly was...the process of applying to Oxford Uni is time consuming, highly pressured and can feel super stressful, so if you don’t get in, it’s all going to have been a complete waste of time, right? WRONG!

‘But you're obsessed with Oxford....' I hear you say and yes, I am. However, getting you guys to apply in the first place, is for me, an achievement in itself and you should 100% see it as one too; by applying to Oxford you have demonstrated motivation, self-belief, hard work and confidence and you should be SO proud. 

Not getting in may well feel like the worst thing ever and I can’t take that away but, and this is a big BUT, every time I haven‘t ended up with the result I was hoping for and it feels like I’m never going to get over it, experience has shown that time and time again I have moved on and what I once deemed ‘rejection’ has turned into ‘redirection’. So yes, cry, feel fed up, get all that frustration out (that is totally normal and important) but then look into your next steps. I always find having a plan is the best way to make positive steps forward; that might be researching further into other uni options, organising a gap year or considering reapplying to Oxford.

You will have learnt so much along this journey; you've had to sit exams, submit written work, sell yourself in a personal statement and then sit in front of world experts in your subject and share your opinions. You are honestly already so far ahead of the game; you've developed so many new skills and qualities and most of all you've shown determination and self-motivation, wherever you end up, you're going to be flying!

Remember - YOU, yes YOU were shortlisted from thousands and invited to interview at one of the TOP UNIVERSITIES IN THE WORLD and that is an achievement no one can ever take away - I know you are going to go far!

Good luck for 14th guys 💙


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