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Principal's Collections

By Jennifer Hwang

Oxford is known for having its own language so you would be forgiven if you had never heard of the term collections before. Oxford is also confusing in that we have two types of collections. One is a mock exam at the start of Hilary and Trinity term for most subjects where you are tested on material from the previous term. I will be focussing on the other type of collection which might sound just as scary- this is where you get a report at the end of each term with your tutors and the dean/principal.

In general, you will get given a time slot of about 5-10 mins. You wear your gown but not full sub fusc. The aim of the session is to help you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. It is primarily to help you. This should be a very relaxed experience for most students and can be something to look forward to as tutors will often praise you for your hard work. Tutors give you feedback and areas to work on over vac.

All in all collections may sound very scary but its really just like report reading at school where you get constructive feedback. This should be nothing to worry about!


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